Samsung event to Unpack Samsung S series

Samsung has announced a new event next month to Unpack the new Samsung series, but is it an end for the Note range.

It also seems that some of the details of the S series will be announced, with some additional features coming across from the Note series.

The next S Ultra range has been hitting the headlines with people guessing what may be coming this year, with the most intriguing change being the introduction of the stylus.

This does mean that we are likely going to be seeing an end to the Note series, which may not be such a bad thing as it will allow Samsung to focus on the S series as the flagship and might mean reduced costs for you and I.

The note series has struggled to really gain mass market interest following issues experienced with the batteries a couple of years ago.

Fans of the Note range will of course be disappointed to see it come to an end, however with the fold devices and the S range is there not enough on offer?

Samsung President TM Roh posted that Samsung is working to develop, “the most noteworthy S series device we’ve ever created.”

The S21 last year already made treads into Note territory, with S-Pen support incorporated in the handset.

But, now seems the final nail in the Note coffin, with the S Ultra actually incorporating an S-Pen.

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