Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone will have a stylus

The new Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone will have a stylus for the first time ever, just like the Galaxy Note range.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra will have an S Pen as an optional extra, however it has started to raise the question as to whether the Note range will be no more.

Samsung had been struggling, and it is fair to say the Note range has not reached the same sales peak previously seen.

Having only one flagship handset does then seem like a sensible option as it would allow all research and development to be focused.

The benefit of the stylus is that it makes it easier to write and draw on the screen, opposed to using just your finger.

But it does require additional hardware in the device to power the stylus and to track the tip.

The Samsung S21 Ultra will be 6.8 inches which is only one tenth of an inch smaller than the previous top end Note device.

Previously the Notes had been much larger than the S range and hence earned the nickname of Phablets.

With Samsung now focusing more on foldable phones perhaps dropping the note could be a good option for the company, what are your thoughts?

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