Tesla Model 3 no longer on sale 2021.

The Tesla Model 3 has previously been removed from sale in Tesla stores returning in the past, but now it seems it will no longer be on sale from 2021.

As the cheapest offering from the now most valuable automaker in the world, it seems strange they would remove a car so affordable.

The first Tesla available for the mass market at just $35,000, it has previously been remover from sale on the website.

The car was however, previously available, just unseen on the menu.

However, from next year Tesla staff have been told the car will not be offered with the reduced software, and therefore the cost will be a minimum of £38,000.

This news doesn’t however come from Tesla rather through a third part Electrek, who refuse to name their source of the leak.

The Tesla was originally brought to market as an affordable everyday EV for hundreds upon thousands of the mass market.

The Model 3 presents some issues though as unless you live in a city you would really want to purchase the Long Range, which adds a third of the value of the car.

This isn’t the end of the affordable electric car and with the new technology coming out from Tesla they are planning a $25,000 electric car in the coming years.

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