Tesla produces a million

Tesla has produced one million electric vehicles, Elon Musk announced this on Twitter this week, a monumental accomplishment for a 17 year old company.

Elon Musk released the announcement alongside a picture of the vehicle that made up the final number a red Model Y.

The first Tesla roadster rolled off the production line back in 2008, which means that in just 12 years and Tesla isn’t stopping there with half a million scheduled to ship this year alone, which isn’t a surprise considering the soaring market value.

To put that in perspective Volkswagen Group ship over 10 million units a year, however they have been in the business since 1937.

This is particularly astonishing from Tesla as up till last year they were producing all cars in the US, it was only in December that they started manufacturing in China.

The next position for international roll out is a gigafactory near Berlin, Germany, however this was postponed recently due to environmental groups, disheartened by the tree felling which was taking place.

The Model Y is expected to start shipping this month, well ahead of the planned release in Autumn of this year.

In addition to the Model Y, the Cybertruck should begin production next year, following its dazzling concept release earlier this year.

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