The Apple iPhone 9 on shelves

The iPhone 9, a much anticipated replacement for the iPhone SE could be on shelves very soon.

Jon Prosser who has successfully leaked on Apple before has supplied this little nugget of information.

Therefore, this means that the iPhone 9 has completed development and is being moved to production, but will they have the capacity to manufacture enough of this much-desired handset.

We first heard about the iPhone 9 at the tail end of last year and if the rumors are true, it will definitely plug a hole in the Apple product line-up.

However, with the effect the Coronavirus has had on manufacturers over the past few weeks and months, and one of the factories Apple uses, closed in January it does add a touch of skepticism that they can deliver.

The factory has now been reopened, but is the demaind going to be there even if production does get back to anticipated levels.

We are expecting the announcement to be at the WWDC conference in June, which has recently become a virtual exhibition due to the effect the virus has had.

Whenever launched though it is fair to say we are very excited to see what Apple are bringing to the table.

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