The Genesis Hyundai closer to Apple digital car key

The Genesis and parent company Hyundai may be closer to adding Apple digital car key features than expected.

The iPhone wallet app now has a feature where you are able to unlock your car and turn it on using just your mobile device.

The new features may be accessible in the Genesis update due later this year, Apple does already have some IOS apps, including the MyHyundai with Bluelink and the Genesis Intelligent Assistant.

The features currently n the applications include the ability to remote start and unlock doors of those cars with the capabilities.

However, having this built into the Apple IOS would allow a more seamless user journey, being able to use the Apple Wallet shortcuts.

These NFC based features are currently only available through the Android operating system.

The digital key feature had been announced by Apple in 2020, however to date only select BMW’s have the capabilities.

However, references to Genesis have been found in the IOS code, showing Apple has had this in development for a while.

Apple and Hyundai had previously been in talks regarding a possible Apple car, it seems negotiations broke down and Kia has now stepped up.

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