Trump administration has tightened restrictions Huawei

In the US the Trump administration has tightened restrictions on Chinese phone manufacturer Huawei making it even more difficult for the company to get its chips in devices.

A temporary general license that was offered to Huawei has now been withdrawn and will not be extended which makes it even harder for older Huawei devices to receive the android updates.

The US commerce department has said that it would permit, “Ongoing security research critical to maintaining the integrity and reliability of existing and fully operational networks and equipment”.

They will do this by a limited permanent authorization for certain Huawei entities. In addition to this they will allow Huawei devices that were sold before 16 May 2019 to get android updates.

The temporary license covered some rural telecommunication areas that use Huawei equipment, however these companies will now have to apply for extensions to previously authorized transactions.

The Trump administration had placed Huawei and 114 of the affiliates to the company on an entity list in May 2019 which meant that certain US firms were unable cell technology to companies without explicit US governmental authority.

Donald Trump the US president later extended the ban to 2021, the reason for this was said to be Legal through US courts.

Huawei have since exclaimed that the US sanctions has led to them running out of chipsets and will no longer be able to make its own chipsets due to ongoing economic pressures.

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