The Boring Company citywide underground transportation system in Las Vegas

The Boring Company have announced plans to take over the entire citywide underground transportation system in Las Vegas.

The previous Boring Company public plans were for a loop under the Las Vegas convention centre.

However, these new plans could allow the company to cover the entire span of Vegas from the airport to the strip reducing travel time by 30 minutes.

The plans have been details submitted to Clark County officials this Monday, following the Las Vegas Monorail going into bankruptcy in September.

There had been a non-compete clause in place keeping the Boring Company from digging tunnels in the same area as the monorail.

However, since the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) bought out the Las Vegas Monorail, this has now been lifted.

The Boring Company has completed construction on the loop under the convention centre, despite originally being due to open January 2021.

As with many companies though the pandemic has slowed completion and therefore led to delays in opening the loop.

It is likely that the loop will not be opened to the public until events start to take place again as there needs o be a bit of a song and dance.

The loop will be able to shuttle up to 4,000 passengers per hour on an assortment of tesla vehicles, in addition to that there will be a shuttle built on the Model 3 chassis.

The Tesla Model 3 which is no longer for sale, will also be in the loop.

The vehicles will begin shuttling with drivers, but the eventual goal is a driverless shuttle system under the centre.

Clearly the city are excited with what the Bring company has presented within the loop and now they are happy to allow access to the whole city.

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