The new BMW i4 the first fully electric saloon 2021

The new BMW i4 has been unveiled as the first fully electric saloon in the fleet, due to hit the roads by the end of 2021.

BMW has also announced they will be developing an M performance model too, which will hopefully be a contender for the Tesla.

This is the first fully electric saloon, but certainly not the first electric car from the manufacturer, working previously with many hybrids in the fleet.

The i4 is claimed to have a range of 300 miles and about 530 horsepower to go with it all delivered through a single electric motor.

If the production car meets up to the concept specs we should be looking forward to quite an interesting development to the market.

BMW has announced they are expecting the company to be selling 50% fully electric vehicles by the year 2030, which seems a rather unambitious target considering other car makers like Jaguar and Volvo have guaranteed all electric by this point in time.

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