UK Budget announced with no surprises for mobile industry

No surprises have been announced in the 2020 budget from newly appointed Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Previous commitments have been upheld in making funding available for broadband deployment in rural areas and confirmation of improved 4G coverage across the country, a deal that had been reached earlier this week.

One of the biggest investment commitments is the UK’s national infrastructure, which will also include the maintenance of our roads and railways.

It has also been confirmed that the government wishes to set aside £5 billion for full fibre broadband roll out.


This is when the current conservative government plans to have turned off the current copper network, which has not been shut down by the industry, however they do say further government financial support will be required.

Operators will be sharing masts in the more rural areas of the country, this will benefit us all as not only does it reduce environmental damage, but also means better signal.

The government has also pledged £500 million to assist in the reduction of not spots to just 5% of the country by 2025, therefore you should be able to get 4G almost everywhere.

However, the budget did not mention 5G specifically, we do know there has been numerous tests recently to check it is safe and all has been ok, however it may have been left out due to the decisions over Huawei being involved.

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