A new folding iPhone from Apple could be in development

A foldable iPhone? Yes it seems Apple is exploring this possibility, following another foldable patent being filed in the US.

The design is like non of the current foldable phones with an innovative hinge mechanism, which prevents creasing to the screen

Movable flaps have been designed to prevent the screen creasing when folding at a 90 degree angle and would allow the screen to remain semi curved.

Foldable handsets have been a big talking point over the past 12 months, with Sony, Motorola, Huawei, Samsung and even the Escobar Family, not all working quite as planned.

“Apple has a long history of assessing technology and only jumping into the market when it feels a particular technology is mature enough or that it can use it in a way that makes a meaningful difference to its products,” said analyst Ben Wood.

“There is little doubt Apple has probably been assessing flexible displays for years behind closed door and it comes as no surprise it is trying to do something different.”

This isn’t the first time Apple have attempted, as numerous patents for folable devices have been filed by the company.

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