Apple foldable prototyping stage of development

The Apple foldable phone is finally at the prototyping stage of development, although a final device is still likely years away.

We originally reported on this story in February last year, but now we have some more evidence of the claim.

Bloomberg reported on this last week, from the report it seems that Apple is only working on the screen at them moment not the rest of the device.

The prototypes sound similar to those screens currently available to the market from Samsung and Motorola.

The prototypes seem to be designed with a “mostly invisible hinge” that is able to fold around a handset the size of an iPhone 12 Pro Max.

However, the report suggests there are other sizes of screen currently being discussed.

Apple are yet to comment on the claims made in the report published by Bloomberg, however they have never previously expressed public interest in foldable phones.

Most competitors to Apple have had a head start on foldable phones, with Samsung already promising affordable versions this year.

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