Huawei given marching orders from the UK government

Huawei has been given it’s marching orders from the UK government and it’s causing serious issues for operations despite a successful year.

Earlier this year Huawei received notification that it would no longer be supplying any of the UK5G infrastructure having now been replaced by Nokia.

This was predominantly due to concerns raised in the US, relating to the companies practises in possibly sharing information with the Chinese government.

Huawei strongly denies all allegations made against the company, however that didn’t stop Donald Trump from recommending all of Americas allies stop collaborating with the Chinese company.

Consumer sales of handsets, which have plummeted all over Europe since the US trade ban given that hallway was no longer able to support any Google applications.

Despite this while we still manage huge sales in the prior financial year predominantly due to sales on home soil.

Huawei Still is operating in the UK creating new jobs and funding some University research projects.

The reason they are still in the UK despite the 2027 ban, is due to the fact that it says it gains invaluable research and admires the UK innovation.

also maintaining a foothold in the United Kingdom gives Huawei valuable insight into the future direction the telecoms industry may take.

There are many critics disillusioned by the stance that Huawei has taken, and demand that universities should not be accepting funding.

Huawei has claimed to be currently funding 35 UK universities including Imperial College London, Surrey, Cambridge, and Southampton.

£80 million is the number that the company claimed to have spent in the UK over the past 10 years on research.

One of the issues in the way Huawei are investing in the UK is that the money they are putting toward funding is not visible neither are the results of the funding.

this means the company could be spending money on anything without visibility from third party or outside sources.

Oxford University has cancelled all funding from the company as of 2019, however there are many other universities that still seems to be accepting the funding.

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