Huawei smart foldable handset unlike competitors

The next Huawei smart foldable handset has just been unveiled, with a miniscule gap between the folded screen, unlike some of it’s competitors.

Huawei has been having some troubles over the past couple of years, first with the US, and then with the UK extraditing their communication equipment.

However, that hasn’t stopped them developing a very sophisticated looking handset with a smaller gap than the flagship Samsung alternative.

The Mate X2 features a very clever folding, then almost rolling back into itself, making for a very slick looking collapsed device, unlike some past folding handsets.

It is likely to be going on sale with a £2,000 price tag, which is quite eyewatering when you consider it is still only a phone.

The unveiling event was actually an Mandarin as opposed to English, which their events have featured in the past.

This may be due to the trade restrictions and development issues they have faced in both the US and UK over the past 12 months.

You can see the event here, and this has been subtitled so if you are interested to know more about the handset you will be able to.

The concept behind the reduced space is to limit the ability for objects to fall between the gap of the screens, this seems to have proved an issue for some owners of the previous generation.

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